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Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is RICHARD G. SANTOMAURO and I have been in the taxidermy business for over 45 years. I own a full service taxidermy studio located in Wall, New Jersey. I started doing taxidermy on a part time basis, but that only lasted one year, from that day till now I have been improving my skills with competition, seminars, and classes at Piedmont collage. I also try to keep up on the newest products and services offered.

At the present time I post on four sites on the Internet with questions and answers and photos to help customers become aware of what things should look like. Some of my high-end customers have been Ralph Lauren stores in Manhattan New York and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills California, Saks Fifth Ave in Manhattan and Paramount Pictures studio working out of Manhattan New York. I also work for thousands of regular guys and gals doing their trophies that they take all over the world. In my shop I try to have as fast a turnaround time as possibly to keep my customers happy.  I am a member of the National Taxidermy Association, Garden State Taxidermy association, NRA just to name a few. I have also taught classes on taxidermy in the 80's out of my taxidermy shop. 

Awards I have won in taxidermy competition:
1987 Mammal 1st place New Jersey taxidermy association Bobcat with a turkey
1987 Deer 1st place New Jersey taxidermy association Shoulder mount whitetail deer
1987 Duck 1st place Middletown wildfowl competition Canvasback drake
1988 Game bird 1st place New Jersey taxidermy association Pair of gamble quail
1988 Deer 2nd place New Jersey taxidermy association - Shoulder mount whitetail deer
1988 Game bird 2nd place New Jersey taxidermy association Ring neck pheasant
1988 Small mammal 3rd place New Jersey taxidermy association Sleeping red fox

I love my job and I believe the taxidermy work that I do should show that. My specialties are Waterfowl and Bird Taxidermy, Deer Taxidermy, Life-size Mammals and African Taxidermy but I do the full line of work necessary to keep the customer happy and coming back with friends. 
Stop in or call and I will be happy to spend time with you explaining what should be done before the hunt or fishing trip whether local or out side of the USA borders. I am usually working in my shop 5-7 days a week and if Im not there, call me and leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I return.

Thank you for visiting my web site and good luck on your next adventure.

Winner of the 2007-8 RGS/NJH Bow Deer Contest

Chris & Chris Jr are with the mount.

Winner of the Gun Deer Contest for 2008

John Russo

Here is a happy Spencer Eilers of West Long Branch with his 21 inch glass Brown Trout with a tag in his mouth, he caught the largest fish at Lake Takanassee in Long Branch this past spring. I donated a free mount for the PAL kids tournament. 

Click here to visit my Satisfied Customers Page

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